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Ghost Tower- Head Of Night CD: Release Date announced!
We are proud to announce our next release Ghost Tower[USA] - Head Of Night on CD . Heavy/Doom/Thrash/NWOBHM . Originally  released back in 2012 on CDR by the band and on Cassette by MetalPunkRex exclusively. Head Of Night is finally being released on official CD with 3 bonus tracks! This is a band whose career was far too short as far as we are concerned!!!

Excellent riffs, haunting original vocals, raw but very dynamic drumming, & a truly unique approach to their craft. With titles such as Ninth Tooth of the Gravekeeper's Grin, Secret of Black Moss Lake, The Brooding Silence... & ...of Untimely Death you can imagine the dark epic atmosphere the band has created.  These songs are carefully constructed and are meant to be catchy & emotional, with some very nice lead guitar work.  We really can't compare them to anybody we have heard but if YOU ARE looking for something a little different with the true spirit of Metal look no further than Ghost Tower! Featuring an ex-member of Borrowed Time ( Highroller Records) / The Swill (Ft. members from Harbinger, Solace, Wastelander, Trouble.)  RELEASE DATE SEPTEMBER 14TH!!!

Buckshot Facelift- Ulcer Island CD: Available Now!
Buckshot Facelift [USA]  - Ulcer Island CD  DeathMetal/Grindcore!!! One of Long Island NY'S best kept secrets and one of it's most extreme! Collaborating a release with Paragon Records for the first time after a long time camaraderie!

Following up their brilliant self-released 2014 EP "Living Ghosts Of The North Shore"(one of our favorite releases of that year), Buckshot Facelift strike even harder with their fourth full length!!! Featuring guest vocals by King Fowley of Deceased/October 31!!! Another proud moment for P.R. to be working with a great band that has been honing their craft for over 14 years while setting a perfect example that there is fresh blood on Long Island with BSFL being one of the forerunners!!!

This a concept album- the first that sees the band taking their style of music to a further realm of maturity, originality & extremity. To attempt to describe the new material simply, you could say it's Grindcore and maybe it fits with the band's earlier material 
BUT, that would be a short sighted inaccuracy as the band has evolved over more than a decade into a style that they have created all their own.

Expect Hardcore, Power Violence, Death Metal, Black Metal, Grindcore, acoustic/instrumental, samples, atmospheric moments & more that when all said & done, comprise the unique styling of Buckshot Facelift!!! Featuring members of Artificial Brain, Thaetas, & Grey Skies Fallen!!! 
Coming Soon: Fornace- Deep Melancholic Wrath CD
Fornace [ITALY]- Deep Melancholic Wrath on CD. Black Metal. Fornace have returned with their 3rd full length & 3rd release on Paragon Records! Promising to be even more stripped down than before, this is a band truly inspired by the riff aiming to take the listener on a journey into their brand of Black Metal abyss. Once again founding member Possessed lays down detailed bass work and puts his vocals more into the background mix to create a more distancing depth to their creation. The drumming on Deep Melancholic Wrath fits to the album titles claim and is diverse everywhere it needs to be. Fornace are raw, organic and truly have their own style & vision.
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Paragon Records was started in 2000 AD on Long Island, NY by Jim Mroz who shortly after partnered with bandmate M from Blackened Death Metal outfit  originally called The Forgotten (before later embracing the name Dimentianon) to act as a means of distributing the bands material before later signing  bands for releases as well.

Paragon artists have gone on to be signed by Osmose Records, Candlelight Records, Profound Lore Records, Metal Blade Records & more.

Paragon Records was born of the underground  and strives to expose the best bands out there who are up & comers or tried & true. Strong emphasis goes into releasing diverse styles with creativity & passion from the artists- P.R.  are looking for the masters of the plague who strive to unleash their own sound!
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