Massive Inventory Update & Package Deals!!!

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Shipping delays being resolved

Winter Torment Webzine writes about NEW Dimentianon album!

WINTER TORMENT WEBZINE: Dimentianon--Dreaming Yuggoth cd{Paragon Rec.} done on 7-4-21

Metal Temple in-depth write up about Dimentianon

Dimentianon- Dreaming Yuggoth CD Release Date and Grey Skies Fallen Update

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Kind words from one of our customers

I really think your label/distro is great. I have a very small YouTube channel that I use to talk about the metal I am listening to. Paragon Record...

Please view the update on our shipping guidelines by clicking the link.

Please view the update to our shipping guidelines by following the link in our News Blog section.

Aetherius Obscuritas and Orbstruct New Albums!

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We at Paragon Records regret to inform our customers that correspondence, and order fulfillment will be severely delayed due to the global COVID-1...

New Aetherius Obscuritas

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Fornace- Deep Melancholic Wrath: CD Release Date Announced!

Paragon Records Release Info

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