Castrum[UKRAINE] - MediEvaluation DIGI CD

Castrum[UKRAINE] - MediEvaluation DIGI CD

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Technical/Melodic Death Metal. 

Tracks 1-4 taken from the "Flames by Impiety" demo. Recorded & mixed at Impertinence Studio in June 1996.

Tracks 5-7 taken from the "Pleasure in the Deeds of Horror" demo. Recorded & mixed at Blemished Harmonies Studio in October 1996.

Tracks 8 & 9 taken from the "Phenomenonsense" sessions. Recorded at Eurotek+ Studio in January 2006.
Mixed at Eurotek+ Studio in October 2006.

Track 10 recorded 2nd of July, 2009.

Track 11 recorded 2nd of July, 2009. Pre-production, rough mix created at Gory Sound Studio.

Track 12 recorded 14th of January, 2010. Mixed by Gena Donecky.