Demonic Rage - Omen of Doom CD

Demonic Rage - Omen of Doom CD

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Death Metal. Compilation of the bands material!

Tracks 1-3 - "The Occult Formula to Desecrate Souls" EP 2011
Recorded and mixed by Raul "Rotting" in Rot Studios, March/April 2011.
Line-up: Abhorer (drums), Alex "Aggressor" (bass), Yohan M. (guitars), Raul A. (guitars), Satran Xul (vocals)

Tracks 4-5 - "Studio Rehearsal"
Recorded in a rehearsal session, June 2011. Mixed and mastered by Alejandro Munoz at Caja Negra.
Line-up: Abhorer (drums), Alex "Aggressor" (bass), Yohan M. (guitars), Raul A., (guitars), Satran Xul (Vocals)

Tracks 6-7 - "Sulphuric Congregation Towards the Holocaust of All Sacred and Holy" demo 2010
Recorded and mixed by Raul "Rotting" in Rot Studio, January/March 2010.
Line-up: Abhorer (drums), Satran Xul (vocals), Rotting (session guitars), Unholy (Bass)

Tracks 8-12 - "The Anguish's Doomaelstrom" demo 2008
Recorded between April 2007-April 2008. Mixed and mastered by Francisco Rojas.
Line-up: Abhorer (drums), Satran Xul (vocals), Francisco Rojas (guitars/bass)

Tracks 13-14 - "Demo # 2" 2006
Recorded at THC (drums) by Claudio A. Guitars, bass and vocals recorded by Fabian N. March/August 2006.
Line-up: Abhorer (drums), Yohan M. (vocals), Rigo A. (guitars), Francisco R. (guitars/bass)

Tracks 15-17 - "Demo Rehearsal 2004"
Recorded at THC. Mixed by Alejandro Munoz, April 2004.
Line-up: Abhorer (drums), J.Blasphemy (vocals), Francisco R. (guitars), Rigo A. (Guitars)

Track 18 - "Advance Demo 2003"
Recorded and mixed at Bits Studio by Sergio Matamala, between April 1st / May 5th, 2003.
Line-up: Abhorer (drums/guitars), Rigo A. (guitars), Felipe M. (bass), J.Blasphemy (vocals), Francisco R. (Session Lead Guitars)

Track 19 - "Promo 2007"
Recorded and mixed by Francisco R. at home studio, April 2007.
Line-up: Abhorer (drums), Francisco R. (guitars/vocals)

Track 20 - "Live 2001"
Recorded at gig, March 1st, 2001.
Line-up: Abhorer (drums), J.Blasphemy (vocals), Rigo A. (guitars), Fabian P. (guitars)