Forgotten Words - Dressed in Flames Cassette

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Death/Black Metal.

Tracks 1-4 taken from "In Articula Mortis" demo, 2000
Tracks 5-8 taken from "Ereshkigal", 2001
Tracks 9-10 taken from "Unwanted in Heaven" demo, 2002!

Liner notes statement taken from the tape inlay:
"This is a collection of Forgotten Words songs.... The band was founded by Fredrik (guitar), Kim (guitar, voice) and Z (drums) in 1998, in order to play some brutal music. On the first (untitled) demo Kim handled both the guitar and the vocals and E. Åström played the session bass. On the next demo C. Andersson took care of the vocal duties and another session bass player was used. After the second demo Kim quit the band and Marcus started to play the guitar and a new bass player was found, Atty. With this line-up Forgotten Words recorded several songs in the death/black vein. The year of 2002 were the last year with this line-up, another demo were also recorded before the band finally split up in 2003."