Moloch - Depressive Black Metal Plague EP CD

Moloch - Depressive Black Metal Plague EP CD

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Translucid transparent CD.

"The name of this EP "Depressive Black Metal Plague" should NOT be perceived in terms of any connections with modern DSBM way. The real name concept - a plague, that come from the depressive essence of the primal Black Metal."

Recording information:

Originally recorded on Reel-to-reel/open-reel [audio] tape recorder at Moloch studio (Ukraine) between Autumn 2009-2011 as a part of "Isolation der Essenz" recording session. This tracks taken from original master reels, unmastered, raw and crude and comes with original work titles. Later all this tracks were included in "Isolation der Essenz" album (and "Die Isolation" EP) in remastered form with new names.

Last track "Outro" do not play on many players and concidered as "hidden track".