Morbid / Poison - December Moon/Into the Abyss - split CD

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Tracks 1-4 - Poison "Into The Abyss" demo Dec. 1986

Track 5 - from LP version of "December Moon"
Tracks 6-9 - Morbid "December Moon" Demo Dec. 1987! BOOTLEG!

Both demos seem to be sourced from their respective mid-90s LP reissues (the booklet also includes the liner note essays from the vinyl versions).

Although the regular Morbid demo tracks aren't hard to find elsewhere, this bootleg does include the "Tragic Dream" intro from the LP version, which is not included on the official CD reissue or any of the other bootlegs. Although Morbid did play a slightly modified version of this intro live, it doesn't seem to have been part of the original demo, and I'm unsure where exactly it comes from. The bootleg cover is the Kris Verwimp art from the LP version.

Poison - "Into The Abyss" Originally recorded at Ea- studio, Reutlingen, Germany, December 20/21 1986

Morbid - "December Moon" Originally recorded at Thunderload studio, Stockholm, Sweden in 16 hours, December 5 & 6 Anno Satanas 1987