Nunslaughter - Devils Congeries Vol. 1 Double Cassette

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Death Metal.

A1 I.N.R.I
A2 Power Of Darkness
A3 Sacrifice
A4 Emperor In Hell
A5 Demons Gate
A6 Bring Me The Head Of God
A7 If The Dead Could Speak
A8 Devil Metal
A9 Black Beast
A10 Church Bizarre
A11 Midnight Mass
A12 Resurrection
A13 It Is I
A14 Poisoned Priest
A15 Fire
A16 Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest
B1 Atheist Ways
B2 The Fucking Witch
B3 She Lives By Night
B4 Nunslaughter
B5 I Am Death
B6 Nunslaughter
B7 Hells Unholy Fire
B8 Killed By The Cross
B9 Burn In Hell
B10 Hells Unholy Fire
B11 Death By The Dead
B12 Killed By The Cross
B13 I Am Death
C1 Face Of Evil
C2 Emperor In Hell
C3 Dead Plague
C4 Midnight Mass
C5 Killed By The Cross
C6 I.N.R.I
C7 Fire
C8 Power Of Darkness
C9 Blood For Blood
C10 The Fucking Witch
C11 I Am Death
C12 Death By The Dead
C13 It Is I
C14 Altar Of The Dead
C15 Atheist Ways
D1 Reign In Blood
D2 In The Graveyard
D3 Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest
D4 Burn In Hell
D5 Burning Away
D6 Nunslaughter
D7 Satanic
D8 Black Horn Of The Ram
D9 Piranha
D10 Hellchild
D11 Ritual Of Darkness
D12 Devil Metal
D13 Church Bizarre
D14 Poisoned Priest